This Guy Proved That Romance Is Alive And Well By Traveling 6,000 Miles To Surprise His Girlfriend


All right guys, specifically those of you in long distance relationships, the bar has been raised yet again. This time it’s thanks to Mathias Skaarup, the latest guy to travel several thousand miles to surprise his girlfriend — well, the latest guy to do that and make a touching YouTube video about it.

You see, Mathias and his girlfriend Anna are high school sweethearts. But when they graduated, Anna left to attend university in Santa Barbara, 6,000 miles away from Mathias, who stayed in their native Denmark. So Mathias did what any caring boyfriend would do, he maxed out his credit cards to buy a plane ticket to California to surprise her at her dorm. Now that’s love.

Check out the video he made below:

If the video doesn’t convince you to get on a plane and go surprise the person you love, don’t worry, there are countless others on YouTube to motivate you, including videos from two of YouTube’s biggest stars, Casey Neistat and Jack Harris. Each guy traveled long distances (Casey from New York to South Africa, and Jack from the England to Australia) to surprise their girlfriends — and of course, each made a heartwarming video about the experience.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to book that ticket! And if your partner isn’t a few thousand miles from you at the moment, send them somewhere, start to miss them, then go!