Royal Caribbean Is Hiring An ‘Instagram Intern’ And You Definitely Want This Gig

If you’ve been searching for a job that’s tolerable even if you aren’t dosing LSD at your desk, then drop everything and check this out. No, really, just drop whatever you’re holding. Cup of coffee? Let it go. Drop them file folders too. Because you’re going to apply for this Instagram Intern job and spend the entire summer on a cruise ship having the best time ever.

Here’s the deal: Like Netflix, Royal Caribbean UK & Ireland has realized the power of social media, specifically Instagram. But instead of forcing their employees to take photos and post them onto the image-sharing site between the 7:30 and 9:30 “broadway-style revue” performances, the company is going to be looking for one special person — a resident of the UK or Ireland who’s over 21 — to board a ship and sail away, sail away, sail away to distant and foreign lands to take pictures, post them, and reap the rewards.

Soon: The details. First: The official video for “Orinoco Flow” by Enya to get you in the mood.

Sail away, sail away, sail away…ah 000000!

OK, you want details? We got your details right here, via Conde Naste Traveler, which has also recognized how cute the idea of an “intern-ship” is:

The cruise liner has put out an open call for an over-21-year-old intern to sail around the world for three weeks during the summer of 2017 and post the most extraordinary photos from their trip on Instagram. The best part? The intern gets to come aboard for free and will actually earn money on their voyage—£3,000 (almost $3,700), to be exact.

But that’s not all: The intern will spend their time on three different ships, have access to all the amenities, and literally just be paid to have fun and hashtag every picture with the word #goals, because you know what? They’ll have the absolute right to.

Who doesn’t want to spend their summer living on a luxury liner then get showered in cash for the trouble?

There are some requirements, though: Because this is a very serious and important job, Royal Caribbean needs the person who’s chosen to be a “hybrid” between a documentary-maker, a storyteller, and a photographer.

Is Werner Herzog available? Because we would love to see that!

Just a few more demands:

  • Skilled in Instagram with extensive knowledge of all 23 filters
  • Exemplary ability to capture stunning views, extraordinary experiences, beautiful sunsets and amazing stories on social media
  • Available to travel for three consecutive weeks between June –July 2017 to regions including New York, the Caribbean, Asia and the Mediterranean.
  • Inquisitive nature, love storytelling, and enjoy sharing experiences
  • Unbeatable sense of adventure and hunger for the extraordinary
  • Own a smartphone
  • Note: Photocopying, administrator, and tea-making skills are not required

Is this you? Are you Royal Caribbean’s next Errol Morris? If so, click here to apply.