An Attempt To Name A Street After Brexit Has Backfired Hilariously

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12.28.16 4 Comments


Brexit will go down as likely one of the messiest political problems of 2016. By a slim margin, British voters agreed to leave the EU, but it’s become increasingly clear voters and politicians alike poorly understood the potential consequences, both social and economic, of doing so. But that didn’t stop a French mayor from attempting to pay tribute to Brexit, by naming a street after it, and which promptly backfired.

Julian Sanchez, a member of France’s far-right National Front and mayor of Beaucaire, managed to get the small town to name a street “Rue Du Brexit.” He said it was a tribute to the British vote. The issue, though, was quickly pointed out by Twitter:

Leaving aside for a moment that Sanchez is clearly not the crispest baguette at the brasserie, considering how close the street’s name is to sounding like “Rue the Brexit” in English, it’s a little bit embarrassing he picked essentially a glorified driveway for his political statement. Granted, we’re only talking a town of about 15,000 people, here, but this is more or less a local politician grandly messing up basic local politics. Just name streets after local heroes and leave the political statements out of it. At least that way you aren’t made fun of on Twitter.

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