‘Sad Papaw’ Is Getting A Cookout With All Of His Grandkids So Everybody Will Feel Better

After an amazing, heartbreaking tweet on Thursday, Sad Papaw has met instant fame. The internet showed an outpouring of support after Kenneth Harmon’s granddaughter, Kelsey, posted this tragic photo of the Oklahoman chowing all alone. The poor man had whipped up a dozen hamburgers for his six grandchildren, and Kelsey was the only one who attended. We later heard from an errant grandson, Brock, who visited Kenneth on Friday to have a leftover burger and confirm that Papaw feels as cool as he always did.

Soon, the whole affair became more ridiculous than thousands of retweets and Twitter faves would indicate. The media descended for the official Pawpaw reaction, which is that “a failure to communicate” occurred. Harmon thought everyone had received an invitation, but a few of the grandkids had no idea there was a dinner party. Still, there are some who think this viral moment is a good illustration of how younguns don’t spend enough quality time with their elders. I miss my grandma’s cooking every weekend, so maybe the Harmons will get into a coordinated groove for family time.

Meanwhile, Kenneth is determined to make the most of his exposure. Brock took to Twitter with a giganto announcement about a Papaw-hosted party. Don’t worry, this is not a residential address. Papaw is not in danger!

Since the internet treats everything with skepticism, one user asked Brock if he was using Papaw for his own ends after not attending the first dinner.

Nope, that’s not the case. The shindig is all Kenneth’s idea, and he’s hosting an event at his flea market booth. He’s going to sell burgers for $2 apiece and make up some “I ate a burger with Papaw” t-shirts to sell. The plan is to devote this money to the Harmon grandkids’ college accounts and also toss some money to charity. Will Twitter show up in Nowhere, Oklahoma to party with Papaw? Maybe.