Exploring The Scariest Haunted Attractions In The Country

Updated: October 29, 2018

People like to be scared. We love roller coasters, scary movies, and Ouija boards. But, we only truly enjoy fear when it is couched in a safe environment. In that context, the elimination of that doubting voice in your head, the sharpening of your reflexes, and the rush of adrenaline that accompany terror can be euphoric. This is why scary mazes, haunted houses, and ghostly prison events are so popular. In 2013, NBC reported that haunted houses were a 300 million dollar per year industry. Their popularity has spiked in the years since.

Haunted attractions manufacture fear. They begin by breaking down our desire to remain rational and force us to react to stimuli, overpowering our better logic. The best haunted houses do this seamlessly and beautifully.

What follows aren’t the sort of strip mall scare mills run by community organizations and staffed by people who thought pretending to be an undead clown was better than spinning a “FLATSCREEN TV” sign like a baton. These are the kind of big-budget horror-fests with staff sociologists (seriously, at least one of them has a Ph.D. holder on staff as a “scare specialist”). They are looking at the science of fear and devising ways to trigger panic and terror in your brain.

Read through this list and then make plans for a horrifying Halloween of your own.