Seth Rogen Is Your Joint Rolling Guru In This Instructional Clip On Proper Marijuana Usage

Break out the crash mats, we have a shocker for you: Seth Rogen likes weed. PLEASE! EVERYONE FAINT IN AN ORDERLY FASHION! WOMEN AND CHILDREN FAINT FIRST!

Alright, so it’s no secret that the dude from Pineapple Express is cool with marijuana. One thing you might not know is that this Canadian export is ready, willing and able to be your joint guru. Rogen’s Point Grey Pictures has produced a new Merry Jane series titled Rolling With Rogen which teaches the fundamentals on how to roll a joint like a pro. Here’s how the episode we have located above is billed by Merry Jane on YouTube:

“In this episode, watch and learn from the pro himself, and see how Rogen rolls his joints. If you have never been able to roll a proper missionary joint, this is your best chance. You definitely won’t be able to get it right for a while, but practice makes perfect so keep this video bookmarked in your browser and one day you’ll be able to say, “THANKS FOR TEACHING ME HOW TO ROLL A JOINT, SETH ROGEN!”

Even if pot’s not your thing, this how-to is worth a gander just to see how charming and relaxed of a teacher Seth Rogen is. He’s friendly, doesn’t condescend and walks the process through at an accessible pace built for novices to improve their skills. As far as professors of pot go, Rogen is the one you’d be coolest with on your couch or on your browser. Come to think of it, Rolling With Rogen might just be the best thing to happen to would-be stoners since the iTunes Visualizer.

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