This Man Has Made A Lot Of People Very Excited About Pottery Today

Not since that one scene in Ghost has someone referred to the act of making pottery as “sexy.” Anyone who’s taken a class or had to sit through a birthday party at Color Me Mine has potentially used the word “fun” to describe it (maybe) but sexy? Nope…until now.

Meet Eric Nathan Landon, an American artist living in Denmark who’s promoting his pottery by showing people exactly how it’s made.  It looks like a dirty but soothing endeavor, and watching it might make you sigh reflexively in pleasure. Why? Because Landon says that the at of making pottery is a “sensual dance.” Like the tango, right? Except you don’t need to be as coordinated.

From Buzzfeed:

“I feel privileged to be able to throw it into a contemporary light. Pottery making is sensual. I experience this every day. It’s an intimate dance between maker and material,” he said. “I just try to capture this atmosphere.”

And capture it, he does. Even those of us who have never looked at a finished piece of clay and thought “my god, that’s sexy” might change their minds once they’ve seen Landon in action. And with thousands upon thousands of likes per video, the public’s made it very clear that they want to see more.

Check out a few more videos:

It helps, of course, that Landon is young and attractive, but you know, this would look at least 70% as cool if it were a man with fallen pectorals who looked like your grandfather doing it.

Time to sign up for some classes or what?