A Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Anyone Trying To Spice Things Up A Bit


The time has come to buy presents for the person (or people) who you love, and though that can be totally exciting when you find the perfect gift, figuring out what makes a perfect Valentine’s Day gift can also be a pain. As far as we’re concerned, giving someone the gift of better sex is about as perfect as it gets.

Now, we know that all sexy gifts are not created equal and that some partners will balk at getting high-end lube over high-end diamonds. Make sure that if you go down the sexy gift path, you do it because your lover will love it and not because you really want to seduce them into trying something you’re fired up about.

We rounded up fifteen sexy gifts to set the mood with your valentine. From the aforementioned lube to bondage gear to a spa vacation in Portugal, we have gathered a little something for everyone. So sift through this gift guide and get to shopping because Valentine’s Day is going to be here before we know it.

Valentine’s Day True Love Chocolate Tattoo Collection by Christopher Elbow Chocolates

Via Christopher Elbow Chocolates

We all know chocolate is supposed to be an aphrodisiac thanks to its tryptophan and phenylethylamine. These chemicals are central to sexual arousal and falling in love. But chances are you aren’t eating enough chocolate to have these chemicals doing any real heavy lifting. Focus instead on how a gift of chocolate celebrates a shared attraction and tastes hella good.

This nine-piece collection from pastry chef turned chocolatier Christopher Elbow is both beautiful and delicious. The assortment includes the following flavors: champagne, pistachio bergamot, extra dark, Ecuador, raspberry, Venezuelan dark, Venezuelan spice, kalamansi-lime, and violet cassis. Take turns feeding each other these tiny delights to make the most of a special moment.

Buy it now for $24.00.

A Luxe Lingerie Subscription Box by Enclosed

Via Enclosed

Sexy underwear is a Valentine’s Day gift staple. But if the style of the lingerie isn’t what you or your partner are into, they can actually be more of a turn off than a turn on. That’s where Enclosed comes in. Their website asks customers to take a quiz that narrows down the tastes of the recipient. Then lingerie is hand selected according to the results, placed in a decorative box with flower petals and a personal note they help you write, and sent to your beloved.

The company works with more than 67 luxury lingerie brands, so expect true quality. Plus you get credit for a thoughtful gift that demonstrates your desire.

Prices vary depending on the length of the subscription.

Fetish Fantasy Pleasure Tape by Pipedream

Via Amazon

Okay, we’re veering into the kink scene a little here — but don’t hate on the sex play.

If the idea of learning complicated art of kinbaku (sensual Japanese rope play) doesn’t appeal to you, but your partner still wants to experiment with bondage, consider buying a 75-foot role of pleasure tape, which looks like duct tape but doesn’t attach to skin or hair. Instead, the PVC tape adheres to itself, which means no pain when it is time to come off. It’s more difficult to get off than a pair of novelty handcuffs, so it makes being bound feel more serious, which can increase the fun for people who truly want to feel under the control of their partner.

Buy it for $9.42.

Special Valentine’s Programme by Palácio Estoril

Via @e_fisun

This seaside hotel near Lisbon, Portugal is home to one of the most amazing spas in the world. It’s also home to the bar where Ian Fleming came up with the idea for superspy James Bond. Since the 19th century, people in the know have been traveling to Estolril to take in the healing waters. Now, guests get to make their way from their room through a marble-lined underground passage and into the two-story fitness and wellness center to enjoy treatments.

This year, the hotel is offering a special programme that includes free access to the Banyan Tree Spa’s Turkish bath, hammam, sauna, and gym, as well as two thirty-minute massages with calming refreshments. If you are able to go international, this is the romance and relaxation you need.

Book it now for $280.56.

Wedge Pillow Combo by Liberator

Via Liberator

These pillows are a little too utilitarian to be considered a complete gift, but they will lead to some great sex. The slated positioning helpers provide some ideal angles while taking the pressure off knees, backs, and necks. The high-density foam lifts the body up and prevents it sinking into a mattress and allows access you would not otherwise get without help. This can help with maintaining stamina during sex sessions and achieving certain positions without having to contort yourself. And this combo comes with restraints that attach to the ramps, offering a little bondage as well. Plus, the covers can be removed for easy laundering when they get dirty after you get dirty.

Buy it now for $90.00.

Vesper Necklace by Crave

Via Crave

Jewelry is notoriously hard to purchase for other people because you really have to know their tastes. However, the Vesper pendant functions as both an elegant statement necklace and as a strong slim vibrator, so it’s a pretty safe bet for recipients who enjoy both minimalist design and orgasms. Available in silver, gold, and rose gold finishes over 316 high polish stainless steel, the Vesper has four speeds and two modes for pleasure and is whisper quiet. Plus you only need a USB to charge it, so no fiddling around with batteries, like some sex toys still require. And it is easy to clean. You can even have it engraved. It really is a gorgeous, functional piece of design that we think makes a fun gift in public and in private.

Buy one starting at $69.00.

Massage Candle by Lovehoney Oh!

Via Lovehoney

This cherry-scented and -flavored candle is made with skin-conditioning hydrogenated vegetable oil, cannabis sativa seed oil, persea gratissima oil, and prunus armeniaca kernel oil, rather than wax so it burns at a lower temperature. When it melts, it turns into a luxurious massage oil that you and your partner can rub over each other’s bodies as part of a sensual encounter. It may be a bit hot when burned for pouring directly on to the body, but people who enjoy the sensation of hot liquid will love that. Otherwise, pour it into your hands and then apply to a partner’s muscles. Plus, one candle produces a lot of liquid, meaning you have enough for multiple uses.

Buy it now for $9.99.

Selected Poetry by Lord Byron

Via Amazon

If you have deep emotions but lack the skills to translate them into words, Lord Byron’s work is the perfect way to express those sentiments. “She Walks in Beauty” is arguably the most romantic poem in English literature and a timeless accounting of a woman’s charms that a reader can easily understand (something that is definitely not the case with more esoteric poets). Other poems in the collection are also romantic standouts, and who would be surprised given that Byron was a star of the Romantics?

As part of a special evening, take a moment from a great meal or a sensual massage to read a few verses. Then, pass the book along as a present that your partner can turn to time and time again to be reminded of your deep love for them. This is one way to seduce a partner who needs intimacy and affection.

Buy it now for $16.99.

Sparkling Wine by Bollinger

Via Bollinger

A non-vintage sparkling wine straight from Champagne, France, Bollinger Brut Special Cuvee is a beautiful wine with very fine bubbles and a stunning aromatic complexity. The blend is 60 percent pinot noir, 25 percent chardonnay, and 15 percent meunier. Expect notes of ripe fruit with hints of peach, apple compote, and roasted apples. For James Bond and Absolutely Fabulous fans, Bollinger is one you have heard mentioned a number of times; it may even be one of your faves.

It’s a good all-rounder that will likely pair with any meal you have planned, or simply enjoy it in bed with some ripe fruit and a loving partner. Its fine, velvety bubbles make for a finish that is long and spicy, just like we hope your relationship is.

Buy it now for $59.99.

I Dare You: 30 Sealed Seductions by Susie Bright

Susie Bright

There are multiple sexual prompts on the market that you can use to spice up your play in the bedroom, but we recommend these because we think Susie Bright is a genius. For those who aren’t familiar with her, she is a sex-positive feminist writer, critic, editor, publisher, producer, and performer. She knows sex. And any person who has enjoyed an edition of Best American Erotica should know her name. As might people who have read some of the erotic treasuries and novellas she wrote.

Expect what she has written in 30 tiny envelopes to be surefire winners with the potential to create some of the best sex sessions possible.

Buy it now for $10.30.

Überlube Luxury Lubricant by Überlube

Via Amazon

If you are still rolling with some KY for your lube needs, it’s time to stop. Most cheap lubes are full of chemicals that can negatively impact a person’s vaginal and rectal health, increasing the risk of infection (including sexually transmitted ones). It’s better to pick up a high-end lube. If you are looking for a silicone one (warning: these can’t be mixed with silicone toys), go Überlube. It’s very thin and slick, but rather than being slippery, it reduces friction and transfers sensation. Plus, as it doesn’t absorb into the body, it performs for as long as you need it without constant reapplication.

Buy it now for $28.00.

Party at Le Bain by The Standard Hotel

Via @lebainnyc

We have written about various Standard properties because they are honestly some of the most beautiful, original lodgings in the world. For Valentine’s, we recommend a stay at the High Line, NYC location not only because you will enjoy your stay but also because the hotel is the site of Le Bain, a rooftop discotheque that will be hosting Boom! Valentine’s Day: Hearts and Hard-Ons, a party hosted by legendary nightlife staple Susanne Bartsch.

Attending one of Bartsch’s parties is epic bucket list-level stuff, especially if you have a soft spot for the New York club kid scene of the 90s. After a night of drinking and dancing (and drugging if you party that way), you will go back to your room ready to make the most of the quality mattress and bedding The Standard offers.

Book it now for $161.00.

Spanking Set by Seagrape Soap

Via Seaqgrape

Are you at this point in your relationship? Tough to say — but we’re not here to hate. We’re here to embrace your kinks.

For people who enjoy the erotics of power, spankings are always a good time. Whether you prefer to give or to receive or to do both, it is important to remember that the displays of dominance need to be part of a larger scene that includes tender caresses and kisses (unless you are a total sadist). This kit from Seagrape Soap includes a handmade leather slapper, some spanking powder, edible cocoa honey dust with a feather, and a massage candle sample.

It is everything you need to care for a submissive and give them the swats and spanks that they crave and the aftercare they need.

Buy it now for $35.00.

Fluid Proof Sheets by Sheets of San Francisco

Via Sheets of San Francisco

If you are looking for a sexual encounter that involves chocolate sauce, lube, wax, whipped cream, or another sticky substance that will leave your bed a total wreck when you are finished, then you will love these mattress-saving, sensually slippery sheets made from a fluid proof fabric. After a hardcore play session, no one wants to have to transition to laundry and clean up duty and this bedding helps to avoid it. You also get to avoid fighting over who sleeps in the wet spot. And, when you aren’t having sex, you don’t have to worry about any potential spills either. We know some of you eat and drink in bed (we aren’t judging), and these can help with those messes too.

Prices vary.

Cleo Bangle Handcuffs by Unbound

Via Unbound Babes

Here is another piece of jewelry with a sexual component. These stackable bangles are delicate and gorgeous when worn together, but they can also be used separately as a pair of restraints. They come in two sizes to help them function better in the latter capacity, but honestly, a wearer can get out of them fairly easily if they want.

For people a little hesitant about being completely bound, these are a great gift. Stainless steel with 24k gold plate, the bangles also include an engraving that says: “There is freedom in restraint.” If that is a sentiment that will resonate with your Valentine, get to buying and binding.

Buy it now for $36.00.