A Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Anyone Trying To Spice Things Up A Bit


The time has come to buy presents for the person (or people) who you love, and though that can be totally exciting when you find the perfect gift, figuring out what makes a perfect Valentine’s Day gift can also be a pain. As far as we’re concerned, giving someone the gift of better sex is about as perfect as it gets.

Now, we know that all sexy gifts are not created equal and that some partners will balk at getting high-end lube over high-end diamonds. Make sure that if you go down the sexy gift path, you do it because your lover will love it and not because you really want to seduce them into trying something you’re fired up about.

We rounded up fifteen sexy gifts to set the mood with your valentine. From the aforementioned lube to bondage gear to a spa vacation in Portugal, we have gathered a little something for everyone. So sift through this gift guide and get to shopping because Valentine’s Day is going to be here before we know it.

Valentine’s Day True Love Chocolate Tattoo Collection by Christopher Elbow Chocolates

Via Christopher Elbow Chocolates

We all know chocolate is supposed to be an aphrodisiac thanks to its tryptophan and phenylethylamine. These chemicals are central to sexual arousal and falling in love. But chances are you aren’t eating enough chocolate to have these chemicals doing any real heavy lifting. Focus instead on how a gift of chocolate celebrates a shared attraction and tastes hella good.

This nine-piece collection from pastry chef turned chocolatier Christopher Elbow is both beautiful and delicious. The assortment includes the following flavors: champagne, pistachio bergamot, extra dark, Ecuador, raspberry, Venezuelan dark, Venezuelan spice, kalamansi-lime, and violet cassis. Take turns feeding each other these tiny delights to make the most of a special moment.

Buy it now for $24.00.

A Luxe Lingerie Subscription Box by Enclosed

Via Enclosed

Sexy underwear is a Valentine’s Day gift staple. But if the style of the lingerie isn’t what you or your partner are into, they can actually be more of a turn off than a turn on. That’s where Enclosed comes in. Their website asks customers to take a quiz that narrows down the tastes of the recipient. Then lingerie is hand selected according to the results, placed in a decorative box with flower petals and a personal note they help you write, and sent to your beloved.