Shannen Doherty Is Posting Pictures Of Her Chemotherapy To Show What Fighting Cancer Really Looks Like

Shannen Doherty is no stranger to being honest about her life online. The star, who was diagnosed with cancer in 2015, has been open about her fight on social media, posting inspirational messages and photos of shaving her head to Instagram. But now, she’s taken it one step further. In a move meant to show the reality of what it’s like to battle breast cancer, Doherty has posted candid photos of herself at chemotherapy to her account.

In the photos, which Doherty captioned as “the many faces of cancer,” Doherty bares the painful reality of what chemo day is like. In one photo, she’s seen being held by her husband — Kurtis Iswarienko — as she undergoes treatment. In another, more visceral shot, she’s photographed while having “the red devil” (Adriamycin) injected into her chest.

The pictures are painful to look at, but they’re also exceedingly important. As Hello Giggles notes, we often forget about what cancer truly looks like and what it can do to a body. Sure, we run the marathons and dutifully donate to the cause, but it’s images like Doherty’s that remind us what a terrible, grueling, and devastating disease cancer is.

These photos are also reminders of what warriors people battling cancer are in general, and what a warrior Doherty is specifically. In a powerful photo posted several weeks ago, Doherty showed the world a very different face of cancer. Accompanied by an R.M. Drake quote, the photo was a reminder to everyone (herself included) that she will continue to fight.

It goes without saying we’re wishing her the best.