Get Ready For Shark Fin Cup Noodles Soup

Your microwave is about to be fancy AF. Cup Noodles, the world’s finest purveyors of oddly textured, hard “corn” and “pea” pieces, is moving into the exotic foods game with new Shark Fin and Softshell Turtle flavors.

The move is an attempt by Nissin Foods (the parent company of Cup Noodles) to show that they can make a much thicker, more appetizing broth than the typical instant noodle. It’s being released for the company’s 45th anniversary in appropriately luxurious packaging, as you can see up top.

Now, there might be some concern among the environmentally conscious dorm-dwellers of the world. After all, shark fin soup is a bit of a conservationist bugaboo — especially with this cuddly critter out there — and turtle soup can be hard to find in the United States due to questionable legality. But Nissin says that no actual shark fin is used in the creation of the soup and that the turtle flavor comes via a softshell turtle powder that probably isn’t made via zesting a turtle’s shell like a lemon.

Whether or not they are environmentally aware, all of Cup Noodles’ customers are aware of their personal budget. Nissin wants to quiet fears that they might not be able to taste that sweet, sweet processed fin substitute, noting that the “luxury” flavors will only cost about 50 cents more than a typical cup. It’s scheduled to be released on April 11, but good luck finding them on American store shelves.

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(Via RocketNews24)