Watch As This Four Foot Long Shark Gets Ripped Clear In Half By Another Shark

Just in time for Shark Week, a fisherman who goes by Palm Peach Pete on his YouTube fishing channel caught this incredible scene of nature’s cruelty in action during a paddle board excursion in the warm outflow of a nuclear power plant. Pete’s buddy KC hooks a pretty decent-sized black tip shark, approximately four feet in length, but before he has a chance to release the shark, another larger bull shark cruises by and quickly chomps the smaller shark clear in half. Although the camera was not filming during the exact moment of chomping, it presumably happened in one bite.

They do capture the immediate aftermath, however, with the upper half of the black tip shark bobbing around in the water, sans tail, before the larger shark comes in to finish the job. A couple of bites later, and the only thing that remains of the black tip shark is some lingering blood in the water.

But as amazing as the video is, you can’t help feeling some kind of anxiety on behalf of the fishermen, who are — if you’ll recall — floating around on damn paddle boards. Did anyone stop to think that maybe the bull shark might still be hungry? Like that black tip shark was only the appetizer to the Palm Beach Pete main course? Thankfully, they paddle off before we find out.