This Short Film Puts A Hilariously Depressing Perspective On Marriage

How many weddings have you been to so far this season? Two? Three? Four? (Two out of three in the can for me so far, here.) There’s just something so touching about witnessing the union of two people who are meant to spend their lives together… probably.

“Probably” is the key word in this short film from Orlando-based filmmaker and photographer Seth Dunlap, which explores the unending love between two people, who are, like, mostly sure that they’re the best thing to happen to one another. But as the doubts begin to set, the inevitable cracks begin to form. “If I’m being honest, I’m only like, 70 percent sure we should have gotten married,” voiceovers the husband in the video.

But being married just makes sense, right? That’s the rationalization, here, taking into account shared incomes, joint tax returns, and “always being able to say, ‘sorry we have to leave early, my wife’s not feeling well.'”

While the film is, of course, satire, it’s a humorous yet kind of really depressing take on the institution of marriage. Because isn’t being just “sort of” happy better than being not happy at all? At any rate, save the receipts on those wedding gifts, just to be on the safe side.