These People’s Stories About ‘Signs’ They’ve Gotten Will Give You Chills

“I live for coincidences. They briefly give to me the illusion or the hope that there’s a pattern to my life, and if there’s a pattern, then maybe I’m moving toward some kind of destiny where it’s all explained.” — Jonathan Ames

On a recent episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians (sue me) audiences became privy to a few details from Kim’s Paris robbery that had otherwise been left out of headlines. Aside from learning that Kim believes the assailants had been keeping up with her the entire trip, there was one small detail from the October night that struck a chilling chord with viewers. In the second episode of the season, Kris explains to Khloe that on the morning of the robbery, the alarm on Kim’s ten-year-old Blackberry went off. According to Kris, Kim has never set the alarm on her Blackberry in the entire time she’s had the device. Coincidentally, the day of the robbery was also the anniversary of Robert Kardashian Sr.’s funeral. Kris theorizes the alarm from Kim’s Blackberry was a warning from her father, whom they all believe still communicates with them in some way.

Now, you’re probably rolling your eyes, preparing a snarky conspiracy theory comment but before your click-happy fingers get too carried away read the next few stories. They come from real people, with nothing to gain and no incentive to lie and they’re bound to give you chills, no matter what you believe.

First this one, from Kelly —

So my Aunt V had stage four cervical cancer for four years and she passed away in August of 2008. On the day of her funeral, we drove by her house and found like 10-15 black and gold butterflies flying around on her lawn and it was kind of just one of those beautiful moments. But then at the actual burial site, the woman that worked with the funeral service was directing cars for the burial service and she was wearing a black dress with a HUGE black and gold butterfly on her dress, so we all obviously felt her presence around us, which was comforting. Since that day, I’ll find myself coming across black and gold butterflies in my everyday life like especially at home around my mom and I because she was also my Godmother and my mom’s only sister!

From Bridget —

When my mom and dad first got married, they said if either of them ever died, they would show the other a sign that they made it to heaven. But the big sign my dad left would involve something he loved and it wouldn’t necessarily happen to my mom – that’s when they agreed on. So after my dad passed away, my mom and my aunt were playing in a golf tournament and they had reached the fourth hole, where if you get a hole-in-one you won a BMW convertible. They’d had a few beers and were having a lot of fun playing that day when my aunt told my mom that she was going to sink her shot, first try because she felt like Mike (my dad) was with her.

They prayed to my dad and my aunt took her shot. The ball dropped to the green and disappeared out of sight. As my mom and my aunt walked closer to the hole they saw the ball at the bottom of the cup and broke down crying. My aunt now drives a BMW convertible with the license plate, “THX FIN” (Fin was what everyone called my dad.)

From Fajer —

Senior year of college I had a dream about this guy that went to high school with me that I haven’t seen in four years and not talked to in two. We were laughing and joking. I rarely dream. I was about to write on his Facebook wall to tell him about the dream and I got a call from my best friend saying that he was found dead in his apartment coz his heart failed.

She added, “Ever since then, every time I dream about a person, I wake up freaking out.”

From Jessica —

When I was about 12 my family and I were going to sail from Cornwall, UK to France. I had a really horrible feeling before the trip and was kicking up a fuss about going but we went. While on the crossing my dad got hit in the head by the boat’s boom and split an artery in his head and was bleeding badly. We were still eight hours away from shore. We radioed for assistance but ended up giving them the wrong coordinates. So we wrapped my dad’s head up and made it to France. He was rushed to the doctor and was fine in the end. Another time I was working for my dad in his company and I had this feeling that we were on the edge of something big happening in the company. A week later the government raided his facilities and tried to close his company down. It’s been a three year long legal battle since.

From my sister —

Almost ten years ago, I was getting ready to leave home for my last semester of school. I was running around for a few days before I caught the Autotrain to Florida. I had a dream that my Uncle David drove his car off the road, collided with a guardrail, and died on impact. I hadn’t seen my uncle in several years so this dream was really random. It was very vivid and strong.

A few days after the dream, I was getting settled into my apartment in Florida when I got a call from my mom early in the morning. She said, “I have something to tell you. Uncle David died in a car accident last night, he was alone and no one else got hurt and we don’t really know how it happened.” And I said, “Mom, I’m so sorry, that’s horrible. I am actually not shocked. I had a dream that exact thing happened three nights ago and I kept meaning to tell you but I was so pre-occupied with getting back to school that I forgot.” A few days after hearing from my mom, the details of my Uncle’s accident became clear. We found out he had driven his car off the road, drunk, collided with a guardrail, and died on impact, exactly as he had in my dream. Since then, I’ve made a point of sharing any dreams I have involving a loved one’s death or danger.

**My sister emailed this blurb to me last night. I put off adding it to this article until later today. On TV in the background I’m watching E!’s ‘Hollywood Medium’ (again, sue me) and the medium, Tyler is consulting with Moby. Literally as I finished formatting the above quote, Moby was sharing that his father died drunk, having driven off the side of the road.

My turn —

Almost exact a year ago, my boyfriend’s uncle Kevin died. He had lived by himself in Mexico and suffered a heart attack in his bedroom. Despite the distance, my boyfriend’s uncle came home often to spend time at the beach and see his family. They’re a big group and have a handful of long-standing traditions including an annual trip to the same Pocono’s lodge around Christmas time. This year was the first trip to the Pocono’s without Kevin and it was strange. Kevin was kind of the the mother hen of the group, making sure the kids picked up their wet towels at the beach house, orchestrating dinners in the Poconos, and capturing group photos on his iPad. His absence was like a fog, quiet and unobtrusive but ubiquitous.

On the second to last day of the trip, my boyfriend and I joined his cousin and his cousin’s girlfriend for a hike. We made our way to the top of the trail and back down without incident but as we continued on the path from the main lodge to the house where we’d stayed, I stopped to read a small inscription in the snow. All it said was, “Kevin.” Obviously, I assumed someone in the house had written it but when we got back we asked everyone and no one had done it.

Whether you got chills or not, hopefully you enjoyed a few “coincidental” stories. At the very least, I hope better versed in awful television. You’re welcome.