Weekend Conversation: What Are Some Ways You’re Just Like Your Parents?

As much as we all like to think of ourselves as wholly unique individuals, we’ve all got traits handed down from our parents. If they aren’t personality-based, they’re genetic — a certain expression, a verbal tic, the color of our eyes — there’s no escaping it. Maybe you could argue with a stop sign, just like your mom. Or sell a ketchup popsicle to a woman in white gloves, same as your pop.

It’s ironic, really, considering how many of us spend our teen years vowing, “I will never be like my mom or dad.”

With Mother’s Day behind us, and Father’s Day right around the corner, we polled our staff to see what traits trickled down the gene tree. The answers did not disappoint…

Song Bird

Walking through a grocery store or eating in a restaurant with my significant other, I will interrupt any and all conversation to belt out the words of the song that’s playing. If I know the words, all bets are off for a serious talk. My dad always did that and it drove me insane. Walking through the mall I’d be trying to tell him a story and he’d be five steps behind me wailing “She’s Gone” by Hall and Oats.

Parker Hilton

A Hermitical Disposition

When I was younger, I loved going out and doing things. Movie theaters on opening night, comic-book stores on Comic Book Day, and live music just about anywhere. You name the (non-sports) event, and there’s a good chance I was into it. Then, somewhere along the line, something changed. Today, I write this as a guy who has recently ignored 17 voicemails, 35 text messages, uncountable emails, and anyone who comes to my door that isn’t holding a pizza.