This Simple Video Will Scare Every Person In Your Life Away From Smoking Forever

If you’ve ever wanted to scare someone off smoking but didn’t know how (because this video warning them of the end of cat videos didn’t work for some reason), here’s something that will make even the most hardcore smoker’s eyes bulge in terror. It’s a simple video that’s gone viral on Facebook and it shows exactly what goes into your lungs when you breathe in the smoke from a cigarette. And you know what? Even for casual smokers it’s going to be pretty disgusting.

Who knew that only a cigarette, a soda bottle, and a filter (plus two rubber bands) could make such an effective anti-smoking PSA? Watch this video once, crumple up your pack of smokes, and never let a cigarette touch your delicate lips, throat, and gums again. It’s probably going to be especially effective for kids, whose least favorite thing is ingesting anything gross. And this stuff? It looks worse than broccoli!

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