A Digital Artist Used Police Sketch Software To Draw Literary Characters And The Results Are Stunning

For fans of classic books, half of the fun in consuming great stories is imagining what each character looks like in your own mind. When the eventual big-screen adaption rolls around, comparing preconceived notions about what one character or another looks like with the casting decision can be either contentious or validating. Did you think Mr. Ripley was going to be as buff as Matt Damon? Does anyone from the Hunger Games film series match up to their descriptions from the book? In pursuit of these answers, a sketch artist used publicly available police software to create some mock ups of iconic characters from literary classics.

Surprisingly, some of the sketches and the actors who eventually portrayed them on screen match up nearly identically. According to this software, Jennifer Lawrence was the perfect choice based on her resemblance to Katniss Everdeen. As we know now, she was a good choice for more than her looks but that probably helped in the decision. Others are way off from their on-screen portrayals. Jack Nicholson doesn’t look anything like Jack Torrance, so fans of the book and fans of the film have completely different pictures in their head of that character. On the other hand, Helena Bonham Carter is a nearly spitting image of Marla Singer but more badass. Which is the pretty much the standard for many Bonham Carter roles.

Check out the rest of the match-ups to see if the film portrayals came close at all and in the meantime think about who should be playing your current favorite book character.

(via Daily Mail)