Insane: Watch This Skydiving Instructor Set Her Parachute On Fire Mid-Jump

Some people say you have to be crazy to jump out of airplanes. I don’t know if I agree with that, but you definitely have to be a little off your rocker to jump out of an airplane … and then set your own parachute on fire with a flare. That’s just what skydiving instructor Brianne Thompson did, and she captured the entire thing on video for the internet’s amusement.

Fortunately, no thrillseekers were killed in the making of this video. Brianne set her main parachute on fire, disconnected from it, and deployed the backup chute like it was no big deal. And I guess technically it wasn’t – that’s what the backup is for. But when you see how violently her parachute goes up in flames, you realize how easily this hot stunt could have gone horribly wrong.

That didn’t stop Brianne or any of her mad friends at AXIS Fight School from doing this and more. The segment is just part of a larger compilation video showing her and other flight school instructors involved in the kind of behavior that undoubtedly skews skydiving fatality statistics up. Leaning against another person’s deployed parachute mid-jump. Doing a tight spin around a hot air balloon. Landing on a gigantic slip-n-slide.

Okay, that last one sounds like fun, but I’ll pass rather than risk hitting it at 120 mph while on fire.

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