This Sloth Thought It Was A Chicken And Tried To Cross The Road

Does someone know what Kristen Bell is doing right now, because we’re pretty sure she’s sitting at her computer freaking out as hard as we are about an adorable baby sloth (which Facebook translated to “beautiful lazy” making it even cuter) who tried to find out what parties are happening on the other side of the road from where it was chilling in Ecuador. What the sloth didn’t count on, however, was that crossing roads is hard when you’re slow, look stoned at all times, and are used to just hanging out in trees all the time, eating and pooping. We get it! Crossing the street is sometimes even hard for humans, which is why Amazon was invented.

But what do sloths know of the hardships of leaving the safe confines of one’s home for something better? Nothing. They kind of just wander about doing their own thing. Until they get scared. That’s when they cling to a pole and have to be rescued by law enforcement before having all their private business blasted all over Facebook. It’s a cute sloth, though; check out another picture:

According to the officials that helped the sloth back to its natural habitat, a vet checked the beautiful lazy beast out and pronounced it safe to return to its home. Whatever the sloth’s doing now, it’s probably not thinking about ever crossing a road again. Can you imagine? We’d like to think it’s met up with a couple of other sloths and is now getting all the Cecropia leaves it can eat just by telling its story over and over again. Maybe someone will make a movie about it. Who wouldn’t pay $12 just to watch a sloth smile while being rescued for approximately two hours?

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