This Video Of A Snowboarder Unknowingly Getting Chased By A Bear Is Terrifying, But Is It Real?

This video was supposedly taken by an Australian snowboarder, 19-year-old Kelly Murphy of Sydney, at the Hakuba 47 Ski Resort in Japan. In it, Murphy straps on her snowboard and starts cruising down the mountain, selfie stick in hand while blaring Rihanna’s “Work” in her headphones, completely oblivious to the fact that OMG KELLY THERE IS A HUGE BEAR RIGHT BEHIND YOU. IT’S LITERALLY CHASING YOU DOWN THE MOUNTAIN. GET OUT OF THERE, GIRL.

Murphy claims that she only became aware of the bear when she was reviewing footage later, telling Australia’s 9 News that she was “was freaking out when [she] saw it.” But because the internet is full of crooks, liars, and cheats — some aren’t buying Murphy’s story and think that the footage was sneakily edited to include the bear.

“It’s fairly well done, better than a lot of fake viral videos and although it does look a little too funky for me to not notice,” YouTube user Will Tye wrote.

Another user, Saxon Phillips, noted the sounds of the bear’s roar appeared to be from a stock library.

While the footage does seem to be almost too perfect, what is known is that Asian black bears are not that uncommon of a sight in the Hakuba village, and that they are known to be particularly aggressive to humans. So I guess take it with a grain of salt, but it seems like this young lady may very well have had a guardian angel looking out for her this day.


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