Sonic Is Ready To Ruin Your New Year’s Resolution With $1.00 Chili Cheese Coneys


Ahh, a fresh new year to make up for your trash 2016. Before 12:00 AM last night, you promised yourself you would “quit f*cking around” and “crush sh*t” the way you were supposed to last year but didn’t. You promised to stop smoking, save money, sleep eight hours a day and eat healthier meals. A new year, a new you, right? Well, good luck with that sis because here comes Sonic slithering into your life with an inexpensive and delicious temptation.

The drive-in restaurant chain is kicking off the first month of 2017 with a bang. Starting today, fast food enthusiasts can buy Sonic’s Chili Cheese Coneys for just a dollar a pop. Yup, $1.00 for all that heartburn-inducing goodness for the entire month of January. The incredible deal comes weeks after Sonic tested $1.00 Chili Cheese Coneys by adding it to their Happy Hour menu early December. I guess it did so well they decided to bring it back for 31 whole days. Who says miracles only happen on Christmas?

Sonic’s popular Chili Cheese Coneys are made with grilled beef hot dogs topped with warm chili and melty cheddar cheese on a soft bakery bun and, depending on the location, usually run for about $2.00. So with the new promotional price, you can put the dollar saved towards buying some antacids or Pepto Bismol. It’s likely you’re going to need it, my friend.

Happy New Year!