‘South Park’ Kicked Off Its Season 21 Premiere By Sending Fans Hot Wings Straight To Their Door

The world has been waiting for South Park‘s special brand of satire for some time now (damn you, delays), and the season 21 premiere has been gaining a momentous amount of hype once it was revealed that Matt Stone and Trey Parker would be taking on the white nationalist movement. But it’s fair to say that no one expected to have their premiere party (or lonely night of TV viewing) catered by South Park itself.

Oddly enough, that’s what happened. Matt and Trey filled guts before busting them and set up a precedent of trust with fans that were given meals by strange delivery people from restaurants they might’ve never known existed. Yes, another effective marketing gimmick from Matt and Trey:

Comedy Central and South Park employed the special skills of Fooji, which hustled out orders of what looks to be hot wings, pizza bread, and sweet potato fries to random, lucky people who tweeted #SouthPark21. It’s an impressive operation. If fans couldn’t get food, they were sent a swag bag full of South Park gear:

Now the onus is on Ubisoft, who has to do something delicious and cool for the South Park: Fractured But Whole release. But really, what can top free wings?

Oh, and if you’re on the west coast, you still have time to get in on some free grub: