‘Pokemon Go’ Causes A Stampede Of Players Seeking A Rare Catch In Central Park

The above clip shows a herd of people rushing into Central Park, not to catch a murderer or escape a tragedy — something that’s happened a bit too much here recently. No, it has to do with Pokemon Go and the appearance of a rare Pokemon within New York’s famous park.

A Vaporeon, one of the rare evolutions for Eevee in the original game series, popped up within the park and Vimeo user Woodzys caught the mad dash on video. If you needed proof that Pokemon Go seems to be a phenomenon, you don’t have to look any further. You don’t typically see crowds like that unless it’s Black Friday or a protest. So the fact that a mobile game involving the capture of tiny critters inside of balls is causing this type of reaction is really saying something — whether that something is good or bad, I don’t know.

A similar stampede occurred Bellevue, Washington according to Entertainment Weekly, forcing people to take off running in order to capture a Squirtle. The game is currently the most popular mobile game in history, spawning several knockoff apps and entire nations to lament their inability to play. At least people are getting outside, though.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)