Staples Trolls Kris Jenner And Her $175 Necklace On Twitter

It’s not hard to make fun of the Kardashians, unless you work for E! or happen to be married to one of them. They’ve become these pop culture members with targets on their backs that everybody from SNL to adult films are willing to take a shot at. Now you can officially add Staples to the list — or at least whoever runs Staples Canada’s Twitter account.

Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner floated this tweet about her new necklace exclusively online for $175 . You can check that out below, but be sure to take a good look at how the necklace looks:

Now those are pearls, which could explain the price tag and all, but the rest looks suspiciously like paperclips. And that’s where Staples comes into play:

The necklace instantly goes from being part of the Kris Jenner signature collection to being cheap junk with only one simple tweet. Well not necessarily cheap, since there are nice paperclips out there to buy. It just doesn’t really seem like it’d be that hard to replicate the necklace with the cheaper variety.

All that said, the person or persons behind Staples Canada’s Twitter account is either being hailed a hero this holiday weekend or is racking their brain over where they’ll be working next.

(Via Mashable)