‘Star Trek’ Fans Need These Rare And Odd Collectibles In Their Lives

Few franchises can match the cultural impact of Star Trek. Since the original series debuted in 1966, there have been cartoons, novels, movies and various TV incarnations (including a few that never happened and one set to debut for the 50th anniversary next year).

As is the case with any popular phenomenon, merchandise from Star Trek has become a big deal. Not limited to action figures and model starships that you can hang from your bedroom ceiling (don’t hang the action figures, it’s creepy) — Trek has lent its name to everything from prop replicas, film stills, and bathroom decor.

Here’s a look at some of the coolest merchandise to rock the Star Trek insignia:

Vintage Telephone

This officially licensed Enterprise-shaped telephone (sometimes available in its original box!) was produced in an almost forgotten era when phones needed to be connected via cord and the wireless communicators used in the show were nothing more than awe-inspiring science fiction.

Replica Communicator

Keeping that idea in mind, signature bulky and retro-looking props like this classic communicator are a big draw to collectors. Used by the away teams when communicating back with the Enterprise, these bulky things are also outdated by today’s standards.

Really, they were just fancy walkie talkies. There’s no touchscreen, no apps, you can’t even stream movies.

Replica Tricorder

Another example of collectible replica props, the tricorder serves as a kind of multi-function device that can do anything from diagnosing a sick crew member to analyzing data on an unexplored planet, all while looking like a cross between a canteen and a vintage TV.

Star Trek 35mm Slide

For those who want a small piece of Star Trek history, these 35mm slides were first made available via Gene Roddenberry’s wife and are now run through the website At around $6 a pop, it’s by far the most affordable option for those who strive for authenticity in collecting.

Captain Kirk Salt & Pepper Shakers

A sprinkle of Captain Kirk makes everything just a little bit better, does it not? There are also Kirk and Spock sets and a Picard and Riker one. No Scott Bakula one, though.

Enterprise gets shockingly few goodies, but at least it has a dope theme song. Sway with me.

A Set of Collector’s Spoons

For that specific type of collector that’s both a Star Trek fan and decorative spoon enthusiast (so many people), this set of six spoons celebrating the original crew is the perfect gift. Oddly, Chekov and Sulu are relegated to sharing one spoon, though that seems more likely due to spoons not coming in sets of seven as opposed to some sort of hidden commentary on the respective usefulness of their characters or some kind of Walter Koenig ego-check.

A Commemorative Coin

This specially minted coin was introduced in 2014 and produced by The Perth Mint out of Australia. Almost an ounce in weight and 99.9 percent pure silver, it captures the legacy of Star Fleet Captain James T. Kirk in the same, swagger-y glory as the salt & pepper shakers. It’s also considered legal tender on the island of Tuvalu, should you every find yourself halfway between Australia and Hawaii and looking to do some shopping.

How many Kirk coins does it take to buy a well-appointed condo on the beaches of Tuvalu? Hard to say, but it’s safe to say that your Kirk-coin investments are worthwhile. 

A Bathmat and Shower Curtain Combo

For those who need to imagine that their bathroom is the classic Star Trek transporter room, there’s now this handsome little combo that will let your imagination focus on what distant world you wish to be transported to every time you step out of the shower… a world in which you are wet, naked, unarmed, and a little shivery.