The Newst Starbucks Secret Drink Is Called ‘Baby Vomit,’ But You’ll Probably Order It Anyway

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Remember those innocent days when the secret drinks at Starbucks went viral because they were pretty colors and not because they looked like they belonged on Fear Factor? Well, those days are over. And not only will Joe Rogan not show up to give you a reward for drinking Starbucks’ new menu item, but you’re going to have to pay for the privilege. Yes, you’ll have to spend hard-earned currency a drink called Baby Vomit.

Baby Vomit. Let that sink in. The name doesn’t get any better, does it? It just puts a delightful little tickle of nausea at the back of your throat. But why stop there? Let’s turn this into a full-blown barf-fest by discussing the drink’s taste, smell, and ingredients.

The beauty. The magic:



According to Cosmopolitan, the drink was posted to Reddit, where baristas agreed that it smelled just like it does when a baby throws up. We’re going to have to take their word for it — when was the last time you saw a baby throw up and thought, “Yo, I’m going to go smell that, really try to get it into my sense memory”? — but considering the ingredients, we can’t imagine it would smell like anything else.

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