Your Chill Uncle Starbucks Is Finally Pairing Beer And Coffee

You’ve got to give it to Starbucks, they stay on that innovative tip. Every time we think “Enough already with the pink/purple/yellow drinks,” they flip the script. In this case that means serving beer and espresso together — kind of like a hipster boilermaker.

The drink is called an “Espresso Cloud IPA,” a name which inspires only one natural reaction: ¯_(ツ)_/¯. But once you hear Coffee Master Justin Burns-Beach talk about it…

“Something like this has never been created for Starbucks and… it just blows my mind. It’s so exciting.”

Minds being blown might be an over-selling of things, but the drink does look good. Basically, it’s an IPA with extra head, which comes from a foam made from espresso, orange, and vanilla. This foam is prepped in a regular martini shaker but called “micro foam” as if it comes from a damn lab on mars. The good news is, it doesn’t seem to be too sweet — a common Starbucks problem.

After the foamy beer is served to you, you’re meant to drop the shot in the pint glass, boilermaker style. Considering the craft feel the video gives off, Starbucks probably doesn’t want you chugging the whole thing, then slamming it down on the table, but that really depends on your barista. It’s not our job to stop you.

The Espresso Cloud IPA is available at Starbucks Evenings around the country.