This Starbucks Conspiracy Theory Is So Dumb It Might Be Brilliant

As anyone who has visited a Starbucks knows, their employees may not have the best spelling skills. Time and time again, customers have left the coffee chain with their names misspelled on their mugs…what this Super Deluxe theory presupposes is: maybe they’re doing it on purpose?

Having a name misspelled by a Starbucks employee may be a minor annoyance to some and has been used as an odd piece of civil disobedience by others. But people — particularly the sorts who love to get frustrated — get a little peeved when common names get so messed up. Their frustration may boil over and they will post the infraction on social media, where other scorned Starbucks customers may chuckle along and reflect on their own frustrations. If you believe Super Deluxe, that social media bit is the point.

In the video, one Super Deluxe employee (Molly) visited five Starbucks locations to get a sample of their spelling skills. She received a few misspellings, with one store even writing her name as “Mommy.” That one is a bit of a stretch, but Super Deluxe believes their carelessness is all a ploy for some free advertising. Think about it, when people get so fired about their names being wrong that they will post a picture on Facebook or Twitter two things will be in the picture: the name and the iconic Starbucks logos. People may get into a frenzy about it, but they see the picture of the cup and there’s your advertising. Mind blown? Worldview rocked? The theory may be a little bit of a stretch but it gets you thinking about what other subliminal advertising efforts is Starbucks trying. We might just be at the tip of the iceberg here!

Or maybe not. Still, it’s a nice break from Starbucks’ WAR ON CHRISTMAS.

(Via Metro & Super Deluxe)