Starbucks Is Totally Down With Your Purple Hair And Straw Fedora

Starbucks is #hip and #withit and knows what the kids like (hint: it’s sugar and bright colors). So, it’s only fair that their new lax-bro dress code reflects that, changing with the times to allow purple hair and insufferable straw hats to all who wish to wear them. The new lookbook for the coffee chain’s revamped dress code features several things that wouldn’t pass at your office (especially if you work here).

Beyond hairstyles and silly headwear, the dress code relaxed its old rules on shirts to allow colors beyond black and white. While bright colors still aren’t allowed (because they clash too much with the bright green apron), navy blues, greys and dark plaid shirts are all fair game.

“We’re inviting you to bring your personal taste and handcrafted style to work,” the company wrote in an introduction to its new dress code.

“As ambassadors of the Starbucks brand, you should feel proud of your own look as you tie on the green apron. We hope this Dress Code Lookbook gets you excited to open your closets and have fun.”

Of course, there are still limits or else it wouldn’t be a dress code. Copyrighted material, t-shirts and ratty jeans are no-nos, but it’s clear that Starbucks is trying to make concessions to their young workforce. If anything, the lookbook discriminates against olds as tying an onion to your belt is almost definitely against the rules.