Starbucks Is Running 10 Days Of Holiday Pop Ups Across The Country To Give Us All Free Espressos

As if you needed another reason to think of late December as “the most wonderful time of the year,” Starbucks is stepping in to make our holidays just a little bit brighter…and more caffeinated. During what the company is calling its “10 Days of Cheer,” Starbucks is giving away free coffee all over the US. Let’s face it, as wonderful as this time of year is, you probably still need a break from last-minute shopping, wrapping and cookie baking. A coffee break is probably better than a complete holiday meltdown.

Beginning today and running through January 2nd (excluding Christmas Day), Starbucks drinkers can grab one free Tall espresso beverage from 1-2 p.m. at 100 locations throughout the country each day. There is a catch, though. There’s always a catch. You can’t just pop into your local Starbucks and expect to be handed a hot, coffee treat. That’s just silly. This isn’t Free Slurpee Day for crying out loud. You have to actually do some homework.

It’s not trigonometry, all you have to do is visit to see what stores are having a “party” on that day. If you’re lucky, your neighborhood Starbucks will be having a “pop-up cheer party” today and you can stop in and grab a free drink in between Bed, Bath & Beyond shopping binges and fighting parents for the privilege to buy the last Hatchimal at Toys R’ Us.

If your Starbucks isn’t offering this deal today, don’t panic. Panic and the holidays don’t mix well.