Starbucks’ New Secret Menu Item Actually Sounds Like A Pretty Solid Breakfast

Starbucks customers have really been hitting the nail on the head with their secret menu hacks this summer. First there were all the rainbow drinks (still waiting on a Yellow Drink, people!), then we found out about the Puppuccino. Now, the crazy customizers have branched out into food items. Brace yourselves: this one sounds like a relatively solid breakfast-on-the-go.

No, it’s not any sort of an extra-meaty croissant. Rather, it’s the perfect stick-to-the-ribs, pick-me-up breakfast for vegetarians: the Oatmeal Latte.

It’s exactly what it sounds like: a bowl of oatmeal, with an added twist of steamed milk and espresso. Or, if you want specifics because you’re a breakfast-any-time-of-day type person, it’s Starbucks’ oatmeal, made with steamed milk (dairy or non-dairy) rather than water, and jazzed up with a shot of espresso. (If you’re shy about your secret orders, you can order that shot on the side and dump it in yourself.) Top it with your choice of brown sugar, cinnamon, and nuts, and you have yourself a breakfast stew goin’ in a portable paper bowl.

Don’t marvel too much at the genius innovation of Starbucks customers — this drink is nothing new. According to Extra Crispy, oatmeal lattes have been the menu at Breckenridge CO’s Cuppa Joe Cafe for the past year, and were created by owner Joanna Hirschboeck to satisfy the shop’s active clientele.

Just check out some of the pretty Instagram snaps Cuppa Joe customers have taken of their sippable breakfasts:

In fact, the oatmeal latte is so good that Bon Appetit writer Rochelle Bilow sang its praises last September, and came up with her own at-home menu hack for readers: strong pourover plus milk heated on the stove, poured over oats and topped with granola.

Whether created at home or ordered at Starbucks, it doesn’t really matter. We’re excited about the oatmeal latte. And we already know what’s for breakfast tomorrow.