The Newest Starbucks Controversy Involves These Absurd Polar Bear Cookies

‘Tis the season to pile on Starbucks, for this company is catching even more controversy. It’s only been about a month since the nefarious red cups squashed the Christmas spirit, though their critics were laughed off cable news networks (and even Donald Trump joined in the debate). Alas, the world eventually figured out that only a vocal few were genuinely offended by the red cup design.

This may be the case with the Starbucks polar bear cookies, which are making internet rounds. Some people find the design hilarious (because it is). See the scarf? Some people think it looks like a slashed and bloodied neck. These jokes are pretty fitting.

Some people are allegedly upset at this cookie design because it’s insensitive to the endangered polar bear. (Ruining Christmas and killing polar bears? Too far, Starbucks.) Yet proof of these outraged people must lie elsewhere because these folks thoroughly embrace the cookie design.

Others reacted with heaps of scorn towards anyone who would write off Starbucks coffee because of an “offensive” cookie design.

Aaaaand the trick is on the whole internet, for this cookie design hails all the way back to 2010. What really happened is that some joker popped this photo onto Imgur, and the fun began.

This guy has the right idea. Give some cookies to him.

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