Starbucks Is Raising Their Prices For Real This Time


Did your purple drink cost a little more than you expected? Did that blue drink hurt the wallet a little? If you were caught off guard, you’re not alone. Due to a computer glitch, Starbucks accidentally raised prices last week, but now in an attempt to apologize, they have admitted to a plan that will raise prices later this month. Apparently, it’s all a part of an annual price hike.

Here are the details from the company’s website:

On July 12, Starbucks is planning a small price increase on select beverages. Unfortunately, that price adjustment was prematurely entered into the point of sale systems in our U.S. company-operated stores. As a result, some customers were charged incorrectly. The maximum any customer could have been overcharged is 30 cents per beverage.

Historically these price bumps cost anywhere between a nickel to an added 20 cents. The price of a large coffee landed at $2.45, up 10 cents from 2013’s price. But, Starbucks prices are all relative to begin with, A Macchiato in San Francisco will usually cost more than one in Nebraska. In an effort to find solidarity, we’re not alone. Internationally they’re feeling the hit as well, Starbucks China got a 15 to 30 cent bump last month on certain drinks.

Furthermore, on their website, the coffee mega-producer offers some solace from the accidental hike, “if a customer believes this mistake impacted the price of their beverage, we encourage them to please contact Starbucks Customer Service at 1-800-782-7282, and we will gladly make this right.” So, are we talking 30 cent gift cards? Every little bit helps, right?