Starbucks Is Bringing Back The Red Cup After All, So Can We Please All Just Stop?

As sure as summer turns into fall, people will find stupid new things to be offended about. Last year, there was an outsized uproar over the solid red cups from Starbucks because apparently the state of Christmas is dependent upon how many Santas you slap on a coffee cup. When the coffee conglomerate released green cups on covered with a mosaic of smiling, multicultural faces, well, people lost their sh*t again.

Apparently Jesus is only in the red parts of Christmas decorations. While all rational people understand that the color of a cup has absolutely zero bearing on your enjoyment or celebration of the holidays, many people are still here to cry “corporate brainwashing!” Never fear, however! On Friday, Starbucks announced that their traditional red holiday cups are on the way, set to return on November 10. Plus, they have an awesome deal to make it all the sweeter: from November 10th to 14th, all North American stores will be offering buy one get one holiday drinks from 2-5 pm. Can’t decide between a Gingerbread latte or a Peppermint Mocha? Risk diabetes and get both! Or you could share with someone, I guess.

Now, can we all just calm down about the color of coffee cups?

(Via Starbucks)