Not Even Starbucks Baristas Can Muster Enthusiasm For The Coffee Chain’s Unicorn Concoction

Starbucks recently unveiled one of their limited edition, over-the-top, crazy concoctions that usually have enough food coloring to cause a chemical imbalance. With this latest attempt, the worldwide coffee giant was probably hoping that the sheer outlandishness of the idea would do their marketing for them, and for the most part that’s true. Customers have been posting pictures and commenting on the drink as soon as they tried it upon release. Unfortunately, the reason customers were trying it was mostly out of curiosity and feedback has been mixed at best and abysmal at worst.

Fortunately, though, Starbucks has a veritable army of employees to support the company’s crazy products and show public support for the pink drink.

Ha, just kidding! If customer feedback been iffy, barista opinion of the drink is a downright catastrophe. In fact, many baristas are outright asking people not to order the Unicorn Frappucino — whether it be through outrageous videos posted online or an entire Reddit thread devoted to the goal of customers not ordering it. That’s not even mentioning the obscene photos or Twitter responses from baristas everywhere.

When not even the people you pay are standing up for a new product, it probably doesn’t bode well for the longevity of this latest fad.