Starburst Has Decided To End The Madness And Release An ‘All Pink’ Edition

Have you enjoyed a pack of original Starburst lately? They still have the yellow ones in there. We live in an age where you can execute a good honest boot in front of its Monopoly family, BUT WE STILL HAVE TO DOWN THESE YELLOW GARBAGE SQUARES LIKE ANIMALS??? It’s enough to make you want to sob into your carefully sorted Skittles. A solution is coming to liberate us from this shame, mind you.

Thrillist reports that a special “All Pink” edition of Starburst is arriving next month to cut out the middleconfectioner. The all-strawberry packs will be in stores in April, but will eventually be yanked afterward with no word on when (or if) they’ll return. Presumably, strong sales for the pink packs will beckon the option’s reintroduction. (Or maybe it’ll just make everyone sick from a good thing.) It’s important to keep this detail in mind when determining if you want to eat these food-adjacent yum bricks or simply use the squares to make the ultimate candy igloo.

To those of you wishing for a bright all-lemon pack of Starburst, we hope you find closure for this perversion soon. Also, thank you for fighting in World War II.

(Via Thrillist)