Steve-O’s Connection With A Peruvian Street Dog Proves Jackasses Can Have Huge Hearts

Steve-O used to be known as a guy who would do absolutely anything to get a laugh (except shove a toy car up his butt). Now, ten years sober, he’s continuing his gross, bone-breaking ways, but the Jackass is also showing something else on camera — a huge heart. On a recent trip to Mount Tocllaraju in Peru for his YouTube Red series Ultimate Expedition, Steve-O hopes to recruit a street dog for some mountain climbing adventures. He ends up finding a buddy for life.

After a few unsuccessful attempts at bribing a dog with some kibble, Steve-O finds “Wendy,” who’s hanging out sleeping on the sidewalk. She bonds with him immediately and then finds him later that night with a group of her dog pals like something out of a Pixar movie. Officially friends for life, Steve-O then tries to sneak her into his hotel room until she’s kicked out, so they set up camp together outside. It’s heartwarming as hell.

Steve-O takes her to the vet the next day, adopts her, then they head off to climb a mountain together. Even on 10-mile hikes, she’s by his side, sniffing around, climbing and hanging out with the crew.

After 15 years on TV pulling off some wild and hilarious stunts, this is probably the coolest thing Steve-O has ever done.

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