Fans And Friends Pay Tribute To YouTube Star And Mental Health Advocate Stevie Ryan Following Her Tragic Death

07.04.17 10 months ago


The death of YouTube personality and VH1 host Stevie Ryan came as a shock to begin the week, placing a little bit of sadness right in the middle of the holiday weekend. While it was easy not to know who Ryan was given today’s splintered media, her death by suicide at 33 is a hard pill to swallow. Not only is that too young, it also once again bucks the notion that success makes up for depression and mental illness. It comes in various forms and one path isn’t always the best path for another person, something Ryan would know as an advocate for mental health. This isn’t new and we’re certainly a broken record on the subject at times, but Ryan’s death is just the latest reminder.

As shocking as it was for someone on the outside, the loss seems to have hit those who admired and were close to Ryan throughout her short career. One of the most visible was ex-boyfriend Drake Bell, who shared his shock at the news online and called the news a “nightmare”:

Ryan’s podcast co-host Kristen Carney also shared her disbelief at the news while paying tribute to the late personality:

And even Perez Hilton shared a kind word for Ryan, dropping the sarcasm he’s become known for online to share a touching word and parody video he worked on with the YouTube star and mental health advocate:

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