Stone Brewing Announces That They’re Making ‘Toilet Beer’

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Founded in 1996, Stone Brewing is one of the most beloved craft breweries in America. It’s known for it’s unique brews (like Arrogant Bastard), mastery of the West Coast IPA, collaborations with breweries around the world, and an appearance on Esquire Network’s Brew Dogs. Now they’re going to be known as the brewery that made beer out of toilet water.

Recently, the brewery announced that it brewed a beer made from 100% recycled water. If you don’t understand what recycled water is: it’s waste water from toilets, sinks, showers and wherever else we waste water. The beer, called Full Circle Pale Ale (get it?), was made from water that was processed at San Diego’s Pure Water demonstration plant in nearby Miramar. This bring us to a few questions: is it safe to drink toilet beer and if it was available, would you try it?

Surprisingly, this isn’t even the first time a brewery has released a beer made from recycled water. It is, however, the first from a major brewery (Stone is the 9th largest craft brewery in America). During the drought of 2015, fellow California brewer Mavericks Brewing released their Tunnel Vision IPA. The beer was made from high purity recycled water.
“Recycled water is wastewater that has been purified,” Lenny Mendonca, co-owner and co-founder of Mavericks told CraveOnline at the time. “Recycling storm water, grey water and sewage for both potable and non-potable purposes is key to assuring sustainable water supplies in developed communities.”

Similar to Mavericks, Stone had a lot of trouble with water during the drought. Part of the reason this beer was brewed was to show that recycled water poses no threats to people. San Diego recently invested $3 billion dollars in an effort to make one third of its water come from recycling by the year 2021. In a state that seems to have droughts every other year (and always will as long as 25 million people live in an area that can handle about seven million), this is an important project for water sustainability.

The beer itself is being described as “straightforward” and is made up of three different hops and malts. Sadly, like the beer from Mavericks, this offering isn’t yet available to the public. It’s only a matter of time though. If Rogue can release a beer made from yeast found in its brewer’s beard, a little toilet water should be no sweat.’

[Yes, we realize this sounds hyperbolic, but ‘toilet beer’ is straight from the horse’s mouth. Also, in the grand scheme of things, ALL water is recycled water. -ed]

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