Stoya Just Threw Some Major Shade At James Deen While Hosting An Awards Show He Was At

01.16.16 3 years ago 2 Comments

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Recently, adult film star Stoya (and a host of other women) came forward to accuse adult film actor James Deen (once the gold standard for successful crossover careers) of sexual assault. While both Stoya and Deen have spoken out about the allegations, many have wondered what it’d be like when the two ran into each other again. After all, they’re in the same industry. Well, that happened tonight. And it was uncomfortable.

Both Stoya and Deen were present for the XBIZ awards and Deen, at least, was in very good spirits. Along with his date, Chanel Preston, Deen hugged, laughed, and made jokes with other adult industry professionals. In fact, watching his interactions through a Periscope feed provided by (a leading source of erotic content for women, according to their press release), made it pretty clear that if he’s bothered by the allegations against him, he put them out of his head for the evening. But that didn’t mean that he was in the clear when Stoya took to the stage to deliver her opening monologue.

After walking through a few innuendos in a “not that happy to be here” monotone, Stoya stopped for a second and told the audience that she wanted to take a few moments before the show started to say a “few words from her heart.” Anyone expecting the actress to erupt in a firestorm of accusations or slam Deen on a big stage, however, would be wrong. Instead, Stoya chose to take a second to deliver some grade-A shade at Deen and possibly the industry that she works in.

“I’d like to say a few words from my heart,” Stoya said while the room waited with anticipation. “But I won’t,” Stoya continued, letting the audience know that when she does speak from her heart “it doesn’t go over very well.” Then she announced the next presenters and walked off stage.

Was her statement a promise that there might be more to come or a reminder that her statements regarding her assault by Deen have made her a very controversial figure in both the adult and mainstream media?

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