Chief Hopper From ‘Stranger Things’ Finally Has His Own IPA


“Hello, Short’s Brewing Company, how may I help you?”

“Hi (snicker snicker) can I speak to Chief Hopper please? Get it? HOPPER?”

*Laughs, hangs up.*

It sounds like a childish prank call name, but thanks to a Michigan brewery, Chief Hopper from “Stranger Things”/”Stranger Things 2” is the namesake for a new IPA.

The Netflix Original Series has created quite the cult following, inspiring everything from clothing to unnecessarily sexy Halloween costumes to a revived public interest in Eggo waffles. Now, Short’s Brewing Company in Bellaire, Michigan has a something for all the adult fans — a specialty beer, based on “Stranger Things” character: Hawkins, Indiana’s Chief of Police, Jim Hopper. The beer is a Double IPA and features features Vic Secret, Simcoe, and Centennial hops as ingredients. The brewery website describes the smooth beer as “deep gold in color” with a “dense white head.” Drinkers can also expect “aromas of pine, grapefruit, pineapple, and mango” with just the tiniest hint of malt, topped off with a “citrus forefront…matched with equal malt character.”

This is the second “Stranger Things”-inspired beer, as earlier this year Chicago’s Pitchfork Music Festival featured a grapefruit-forward red pale ale as a result of a collaboration between Goose Island and Survive, the band behind the show’s theme song.

As of right now, the beer is only available in Michigan, but you can try your luck on the site’s zip code locator to see if the hard hitting IPA is available anywhere near you.

The beer’s release comes at a perfect time for “Stranger Things 2” watch parties, where you’ll have an official drink for your “Nancy and Steve argument” drinking game.