There Are ‘Stranger Things’ You Could Wear Than These Halloween Costumes

Joyce Byers and the wall photographed by keyh.

If you’re still looking for Halloween costume ideas, we’re here to help. We’ve rounded up inexpensive costumes, funny costumes for couples, DIY Pennywise from It, and costumes from movies and TV shows, including Game of Thrones and Rick and Morty. Another TV show sure to dominate the Halloween scene for the second year in a row is Stranger Things. Netflix’s monster hit just released a trailer for Season 2, which is going to start streaming four days before Halloween, ensuring continued dominance of the show in the Halloween zeitgeist.

We’ve collected 30 Stranger Things inspired costumes, with many of these being both the most recognizable characters and relatively easy to put together.

Eggo and Eleven photographed by hollynicolejames.

Barb costume by misskmichael.

Dustin photographed by trymcnl.

Eleven photographed by thegoldenfox.

Mike and Eleven photographed by cplaynchill.

Joyce Byers photographed by Yalda.

Eleven and the wall photographed by colorsofcrysta.

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You light up my (upside down) world. 💛💡✨

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Barb, Eleven, Dustin, and Sherriff Hopper photographed by harrypottersnapshots.

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My family stepped it up with me 😳 🎃

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The littlest Eleven photographed by alesevillam.

Joyce Byers and the Demogorgon costumes by Aestheticus and Amanda Meldrum. Photographed by Ryan Licht.

Barb photographed by wiggatry_101.

Eleven photographed by beccaholmesphoto.

(VIDEO) Demogorgon by Killer Cosplay.

(VIDEO) Joyce Byers and the wall with working lights photographed by josieoutlaw1.

Dustin and Eleven photographed by itsybitsyphoto.

Eleven photographed by mckninja.

Stranger Things costume by kittiecosplay.

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Stranger Things Thursday….is that a thing!? If not, let's make it one! Check out the rest of my interview with Cosplay In America at or click link in @cosplayamerica bio. 🎄☠️💡 #Repost @cosplayamerica ・・・ "At #LAComicCon, some friends had told me that they saw a booth that had a Demogorgan head prop and that I should check it out. They brought me to the booth and I began chatting with the people there. They told me my cosplay was great and said that I had matched the flower pattern on my dress to the wallpaper in the show perfectly. Then a gentleman behind the booth asked me how I made my Demogorgon hand. I had said, "It's just craft foam & Worbla. It came out ok. I couldn't find good screen shots, so parts of it I made up." He then said, "No, it's great! I'm the creator." My jaw dropped. I had no idea that I was speaking to Aaron Sims, the creator of the Demogorgon for the actual Stranger Things show! To hear him give me any kind of praise on my work, made me speechless." – @kittiecosplay Read the rest at or click link in bio. #StrangerThingsThursday #StrangerThings #StrangerThingsDress #StrangerThingsCosplay #demogorgon #RUN #theUpsideDown #UpsideDown #alphabet #christmaslights #theWall #StrangerThingsWall #CosplayInAmerica #LACC #StanLeesLAComicCon #LAcomicCon #Comikaze #ComicCon #strangerthingscostume #cosplay #KittieCosplay

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Eleven photographed by jenn_leee.

Barb photographed by alien_hailey.

Eleven costume by catiamichaels.

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#ozcomiccon #strangerthings #eleven #eggos @caza_8

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Barb photographed by theredheadroomcosplay.

Eleven with a homemade Eggo purse photographed by zombiedust.

Joyce Byers, the wall, and Eleven photographed by thetinatran.

Eleven photographed by Shyendra11.

Barb costume by mossflowercosplay.

Eleven photographed by pinkpunzie.

Joyce Byers photographed by spookycamera.

Eleven and Eggo photographed by wesvanderson.

Eleven photographed by mrs_steele_x.

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