San Francisco’s Super Bowl City Will Be Home To This Bizarre Public Urination Spot

01.30.16 3 years ago 5 Comments

NFL fans know that Super Bowl 50 this year will be in “San Francisco” at the 49ers’ new stadium. I use “San Francisco” generously, because the stadium is actually in Santa Clara, 45 miles south of the city proper. But that hasn’t stopped the league from setting up Super Bowl City, an interactive fan zone, in the heart of San Francisco’s downtown waterfront.

What did almost stop them was the city’s residents proclivity to urinate in public almost anywhere on the street. San Francisco has a long and smelly history with public urination, and in recent decades has tried to stop it by raising the fine associated with it and painting building walls with a repellent paint that will bounce the urine back on the offender. But still, a city known for its support of internet start-ups continues to have a streaming issue all its own.

Finally, it appears the city’s given up the fight. If people are going to piss in public, the best thing they can do is make sure they’re going in the right spot. Say hello to San Francisco’s first public, open-air urinal just outside Dolores Park:

It’s not much, just a drain surrounded by some cement and a plastic tarp to shield you from the trains pulling up right in front of you, but I suppose if your previous alternative was just pissing on the side of any building, this might seem pretty swanky!

So take note, any Panthers or Broncos fans visiting the city but unable to get a ticket to the game: if you find yourself downtown after the Super Bowl, filled to the brim with elation or drowning your disappointment in booze, don’t worry. Somewhere in the city is a spot that will give you the perfect mix of relief and shame.

(via AP)

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