This T-Rex Bride Surprising Her Groom Will Make You Wish For A ‘Jurassic World’ Rom-Com

There must be something in the air. Because as we saw with the T-Rex engagement photoshoot, T-Rexes have suddenly become the hottest, most romantic wedding trend around.

In what may be the cutest wedding reveal of all time, a North Carolina bride pulled off a hilarious prank. With the help of photographer Paul Seiler, Beth Gardner surprised her groom by doing a first look that wasn’t exactly what Thomas Gardner expected.

As Thomas says in a Facebook comment:

I was totally floored when I turned around and saw her in this. Floored I tell you!!!!!!!!

Because instead of his bride in her wedding dress, Gardner turned around to find his soon-to-be wife in a full-sized T-Rex costume. And his reaction is absolutely priceless as he doubles over in laughter.

The video has over 24,000 shares on Facebook and is quickly becoming a viral hit. Beth Gardner is thrilled with the response. On Facebook she wrote:

It just warms my heart to see that so many people got a giggle out of this too!

The adorable first look was the perfect way to diffuse what can be an incredibly stressful day! So let that be a lesson to all you brides out there. Dress up in a giant dinosaur costume and you’re sure to get a smile.

The wedding consultant for the fantastic event was Sarah Munroe and you can watch the video by Jon Clark Weddings below:

(Via Facebook)