A Very Important Review Of Taco Bell’s New Cap’n Crunch Bites

and 07.10.15 4 years ago 16 Comments

Once Taco Bell’s latest culinary masterpiece, Cap’n Crunch Delights, was available everywhere, we at Uproxx knew that we immediately had to send two staffers to try them. It’s the American way (to taste-test fast food desserts). Would Josh and Steve regret their decision? Let’s find out!

JOSH: Before we begin, I need to take you through my buying experience. It was the post-lunch non-rush on a Wednesday afternoon; I was one of three cars in line. The actual ordering of the donut… that was a breeze, but it took a solid five minutes for me to get my bag of deep-fried Cadbury Eggs, or whatever we’re about to eat, after paying. That’s probably not a good sign?

STEVE: First of all, I feel like you got caught slipping by getting your Cap’n Crunch Bites in the drive-thru. There is something about the way the cashier looked at me when I ordered them that made me think, “Nope. I’m going to eat them here and make them be accountable.” That being said, mine took a long time, too. It’s obviously a delicate alchemy that can’t be rushed.

Did yours have a sort of pink-greyishness to them? Mine did. Which makes sense — all the crushed cereal in the world can’t hide the color of Taco Bell’s used fry oil mixing with neon pink. Also, and not to pile it on before we get to the taste, but my dusting of cereal was a little light.

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