California’s Cult Classic French Fry Burrito Is Coming To Taco Bell

It’s official. Taco Bell is no longer just the place that you ask your Lyft driver to pull through after a night of partying or your first choice for a classy wedding venue, it’s now the magical place where you can get a burrito filled with french fries. Yes, you heard that right. Your two favorite foods have mated to create an amazing hybrid baby of potato and meat perfection. Foodbeast is reporting that Taco Bell is unveiling the ‘California Burrito’ in select locations, and we’re pretty excited about it.

There are some pretty gross food mashups out there, but I can’t think of any that involve french fries. Whether you cover them in gravy, dip them in chili, or layer them onto a juicy burger, fried potatoes covered in salt can only make things more delicious. It’s just a scientific fact, and the California burrito is no exception to the rule. Originating in San Diego, the Cali burrito involves all of your favorite burrito ingredients like guac, salsa, meat, and shredded cheese with one special addition: fries.

Currently, Taco Bell is testing out three different kinds of the fry-filled wonder. You can choose from the California Loaded Fries Burrito which has guac, nacho cheese, the protein of your choice, salsa, sour cream, and lots of french fries, a Chipotle version that replaces the guacamole with creamy chipotle sauce, and a Supreme version (which weirdly seems to actually have a few less ingredients).

If you’re wondering where you can “run not walk” to try your very own fries burrito, we’re sorry to tell you that, currently, the California burrito is only available to test in Charleston, West Virginia. But if it’s as delicious as it sounds, we’re thinking it will be in more locations very soon.

The Loaded Fries Burrito is $1.99 and is available until the end of December in several Charleston locations.