KFC And Taco Bell Will Finally Score Nationwide Delivery Status Thanks To A New Deal With GrubHub


Fast food giant and stoner lifesaver Yum! Brands has announced a new partnership designed to relieve Americans of the agony of leaving the couch. No more tears, friend.

Grubhub and Yum! have teamed up to offer nationwide delivery of KFC and Taco Bell, signaling the further growth of the fast food delivery market. (Fellow megachain McDonald’s has also embraced this approach.) KFC, Taco Bell and Grubhub will be testing the new initiative in the coming months before the proper rollout occurs. Of course, a number of KFC and Taco Bell locations have offered some form of delivery service before, so this new frontier isn’t exactly uncharted.

“We are thrilled to bring KFC and Taco Bell to Grubhub. Grubhub was founded to help small business owners and restaurant entrepreneurs grow, and we look forward to supporting YUM’s local operators by driving greater sales and profit growth through access to our 14 million active diners,” said Grubhub CEO Matt Maloney of the pact. “Our best-in-class logistics platform, which currently delivers for tens of thousands of restaurants, and our industry-first point-of-sale integrations make us the ideal partner for YUM. We are excited to tap into the unmatched consumer awareness and innovative advertising of KFC and Taco Bell, helping accelerate the secular shift from offline ordering to online, driving more orders to all of our restaurants.”

In addition to the high profile partnership, Yum! is pumping $200 million into Grubhub as an investment and Pizza Hut U.S. President Artie Starrs is hopping aboard Grubhub’s now expanded board of directors. All of these changes sound intriguing (especially if you’re in desperate need of popcorn chicken), but the project will only be as good as its rollout and what customers have to say about the new fast food distribution option. For now? It’s time to dream of going glutton with the delivery menu.