Taco Bell Is Gearing Up To Serve Beer Alongside Burritos In Canada

Tired of hiding tall boys in your Arctic Cat jacket when you belly up to Taco Bell at the end of the night? A solution has been found, you hungry boozehound you! Well, provided you live in north of the border.

The natural marriage of beer and burritos is being tested at select Taco Bell locations in Canada. According to the Financial Post, an assortment of the fast food giant’s restaurants are lined up to sell beer as early as this June. While this concept isn’t entirely new for Taco Bell (Taco Bell Cantina, anyone?), the opportunity to enjoy alcohol at certain locations is part of how the company is trumpeting its plans to triple the locations it has in the country. Hosers like beer. Hosers eat value menu tacos. Put the two together and you’ve got a winning combination and a potentially logy nation for a trade war. “Millennials” were cited as a reason for this sort of image refresh, so, uh, do with that what you will.

Serving beer at a “fast casual” Mexican restaurant isn’t an exclusive concept, but it’s another example of a chain is trying to sort out how it’s different than the neighboring take-out chain. If serving beer is a hit, an expanded alcoholic drink menu could be next and we could even toy with a Nacho Fries coming to America type situation. If not, it’s just a Taco Bell experiment that will disappear and become a weird Wikipedia footnote.

(Via Financial Post)