Are Taco Bell’s New ‘Walking Nachos’ The Perfect Companion For Your Road Soda?

Taco Bell is notorious for their absurd(ly creative?) menu options, like the $1 Cheeto Burritos, enormous Triple Double Crunchwraps, and fried chicken taco shells. But it’s not always about the spectacle, and that’s part of the reason for Taco Bell’s enduring legacy. It turns out, someone at Taco Bell is actually paying attention to what their customers want.

The fast-food giant recently revealed they’re testing a product called, “Walking Nachos.” As the name suggests, Walking Nachos are intended to be eaten on the move. This way, you’ll be able to continue conveniently snacking while walking and texting and Pokemon Go-ing and all the other youth stuff.

Taco Bell’s version of Frito Pie will be tested in Charlotte, North Carolina, starting in mid-August. They come in a bag with seasoned beef, shredded cheese, guacamole, sour cream, pico de gallo, and, of course, tortilla chips. And if you can ride a bike with no hands, they might be a great companion for a summertime road soda.

How did the walking nachos come about? Detective work, apparently. Taco Bell employees noticed customers dumping taco and burrito toppings onto plain tortilla chips they’d just ordered. Rather than ignore the needs of those hungering for a better way to eat nachos, the Mexican chain elected to experiment with what they saw — hence  “Walking Nachos.” They’ve even shrunk the size of the tortilla chips so that everything fits on your fork and goes into your mouth in one fell swoop.

We suppose we can applaud Taco Bell for recognizing their customers’ behavior but in all honesty, it sets a worrisome precedent. People do really strange stuff with their food, and we’re just not ready for french fries pre-dipped in milkshakes. Plus, sometimes construction is half the fun.

(Via Food Beast)