Target’s CEO Doesn’t Care About Boycotts Over Restroom Policy, Won’t Be Making Any Changes

More and more people are speaking out against transgender people using the public restroom of their choice, due to the mistaken belief that doing so will make it easier for sexual predators to attack women. Target, meanwhile, is a major player in adopting an inclusive bathroom policy for transgender men and women.

This, of course, has garnered a lot of backlash. There was the rumor that Target was going to put urinals in women’s bathrooms, a man who was arrested for protesting the policy, a Florida attorney said she would arm herself when she went to Target from now on, and another protestor, this time wielding a Bible.

Now a petition with 1.2 million signatures has caused the Target CEO to respond to the growing opposition. According to the Washington Post, the American Family Association circulated this petition, which asks Target to create a separate bathroom for the transgender community, instead of allowing them to use whichever bathroom they choose. CEO Brian Cornell went on CNBC last week to say that they would not change their current bathroom policy, likening it to when Target took a stand by using black models in their advertising during the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s.

In response to the AFA’s assertion that the current bathroom policy was unsafe, Cornell said this in the video above:

“So we took a stance, and we’re going to continue to embrace our belief of diversity and inclusion, just how important that is to our company, but we’re also going to make sure our focus on safety is unwavering, and we’re gonna provide a great environment for our guests to shop, every time they’re in the stores.

So there you go, no change. Who knows if that will stop the protests.

(Via Washington Post)