These Food Deals For Tax Day 2019 Will Take The Edge Off Any Money You Owe


Today is tax day! If that’s news to you then — uh oh, you might’ve messed up. But before you go rushing out the door with all your files piled up in your arms like some sort of disheveled scientist on the cusp of a breakthrough, you’re probably going to need to get something to eat. How do we know? Because you somehow forgot to do your taxes, and so we wouldn’t put it past you to forget to feed yourself. If you did, however, get your taxes filed in a timely manner, good for you! We hope you’re sitting on a fat tax return check. One that you should totally blow on reduced price pizzas.

Either way, you’re going to need to eat. And since everyone knows the stress that comes along with tax day, fast food joints and restaurants use the date as an opportunity to offer you some sweet savings to lessen the pain.

Here are all the best food deals we found for Tax Day 2019:

Applebee’s — The only thing better than a margarita is the Applebee’s Dollarita. It’s a margarita for a dollar, duh, and it’s delicious. Get it today and let your tax tears salt the rim.

BJ’s Restaurants & Brewhouse — Why pay full price for pizza when you can go to BJ’s and receive half-off a large Deep Dish pizza? Although… half off on pizza shouldn’t just be a tax day thing, it should be an everyday thing. Why aren’t people constantly giving us free pizza? Now, that’s a tax cut we can get behind — the 2019 new pizza deal.

Boston Market — Boston Market is offering a whole lot of food in honor of Tax Day. For just $10.40 receive a half chicken, two sides, cornbread, and a regular drink.

California Tortilla — Say “1040” when you order at any California Tortilla to receive free chips and queso today only. If you say “1040” any other day of the year, they’ll politely ask you to leave for being weird.

Cicis — With this coupon, commemorate tax day with an Adult Buffet meal for only $4.15.

Corner Bakery — In honor of tax day, Corner Bakery will be offering a two entree deal for just $10.40. So go do your taxes with a friend and then hit up Corner Bakery. Or you know, get both entrees for yourself. You deserve it.

Farmer Boys — For just $10.40, grab either two Breakfast Burritos or two Bell Ringer double cheeseburgers at participating Farmer Boys drive-thrus.

Firehouse Subs — Use this coupon anytime between April 15-17 to get a free medium sub with the purchase of a medium or large sub, chips, and a drink.
Hardee’s — Say “Made from scratch” at any Hardee’s to receive a free sausage biscuit. This deal is valid for the breakfast hours of 7-10 a.m.

Hot Dog On A Stick — Receive a free turkey or veggie dog with no purchase required. Eating a turkey corndog is our favorite tax day tradition. I mean only since today, but still, what a deal!

Hooters — This is a weird one, but if you take your kids to Hooters, they’ll eat free with any adult purchase equaling $15. Hooters — when you’re here, you’re family.

Schlotsky’s — Receive a free small sandwich with the purchase of chips and a medium drink at any Schlotsky’s location.

White Castle — For tax day only, receive 15% off of your purchase at White Castle using this coupon.