These Food Deals For Tax Day 2019 Will Take The Edge Off Any Money You Owe

04.15.19 4 months ago


Today is tax day! If that’s news to you then — uh oh, you might’ve messed up. But before you go rushing out the door with all your files piled up in your arms like some sort of disheveled scientist on the cusp of a breakthrough, you’re probably going to need to get something to eat. How do we know? Because you somehow forgot to do your taxes, and so we wouldn’t put it past you to forget to feed yourself. If you did, however, get your taxes filed in a timely manner, good for you! We hope you’re sitting on a fat tax return check. One that you should totally blow on reduced price pizzas.

Either way, you’re going to need to eat. And since everyone knows the stress that comes along with tax day, fast food joints and restaurants use the date as an opportunity to offer you some sweet savings to lessen the pain.

Here are all the best food deals we found for Tax Day 2019:

Applebee’s — The only thing better than a margarita is the Applebee’s Dollarita. It’s a margarita for a dollar, duh, and it’s delicious. Get it today and let your tax tears salt the rim.

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